High Fives

We would highly recommend Lauren Whittemore for any dog training needs. She brings patience and knowledge in a structured approach to dog training.

Our dog, Lily, took to her immediately and we saw results in minutes. Lauren was quick to determine the individual needs of my dog and customize a training regiment for her. She was friendly and willing to answer any questions that we had. I have no doubt that Lauren would be able to help with any discipline problem with ease and caring and experience.


~ Rebecca and Rocco Smith


This picture is at the top of Sanitas Valley Trail, after many months of joyful Ernie off-leash thanks to your compassionate training program of both Ernie AND Peter & me!!!!! You are the best, we NEVER thought Ernie could be this wonderful hiking companion.

~ Missy M.

I just wanted to say what a good job Lauren did to teach us better ways to work with our dog Winston. It was amazing to see how quickly he took to what she suggested and her methods really made sense. We were able to see a remarkable difference after just one session with her, but the hardest part is us humans learning or relearning how we work with our pets, so I would recommend signing up for a few sessions.

~ Gaye Esser

Izzie-Menezes-Bridget-smallDear Lauren: Hello and Happy New Year. I think of you so often and employ your techniques on a daily basis. Having you come into our lives and help with our four-legged friends was truly a blessing. I write to share a recent picture of Ms. Izzie. She is a delight. One of the sweetest, smartest animals I have ever come across. I sound just like every other bragging parent, but she really is extraordinary! I hope your business is doing well and that you have a wonderful 2012.

~ Bridgette & Izzie

Augie-Michael-and-Tracy-smallWe adopted our dog “Augie” from The Boulder Humane Society. He was a “raw recruit” with a lot of baggage. After working with Lauren Whittemore and Dog Gone Good Training in two classes we saw such a huge improvement. Lauren gave us the patience and extra space to earn Augie’s trust and attention. She also had tons of ideas that kept us encouraged through his (and our) adjustment time. Today, with daily disciplines and fun play times, we are enjoying a well-behaved and loving pet. We would recommend Dog Gone Good Training for all those new four 3legged furry pets in your life!

~ Teri & Dave Jordan

Sadie Good DogAlice leaves “Wanderland,” and joins the ranks of the secure and confident…. Alice was a stray we adopted from the humane society. She was a willful 2 year- old who would run out of the door at any opportunity and not come back on any command. After a year of trying to train her, Lauren was recommended to us. Her careful assessment and insight identified Alice’s innate insecurity coupled with a willfulness that made her nearly impossible to train initially without a stimulus collar. With detailed instruction on behavior training, use of rewards (treats and affection), and use of stimulus as needed to get Alice’s attention and establish who is in charge, we were able to have a happier more obedient pup who posed without leash for the photo below (front yard next to the street, no fence!). We cannot recommend Lauren highly enough. She helped us turn a potentially problematic adoptee into a joy and a blessing. Her understanding of canine behavior and cues is remarkable.

~ Karen and Bill

Four years ago, I adopted a young border collie who had had a rough start in life. She was truly shell-shocked and afraid of everyone and everything. Through group classes and private sessions with Lauren, Rylee is now a very confident, self-assured, happy dog who has an incredible zest for life. Lauren has the ability to understand each dog as an individual and zero in on what training techniques would best serve the dog and his/her person. She deeply loves and respects dogs and this brings a refreshing approach to her training. Additionally, she understands that dog training is really more about human/dog bonding and communication and works to help people understand what it is like to live life as a dog. All of these traits make her an exceptional dog trainer. I am deeply grateful Rylee and I got to work with her as she was truly instrumental in helping me give Rylee the chance to enjoy her life and learn to trust.”

~ Deb