Board and Train

If you travel often, have a busy schedule, or want more immersive training your dog’s behavior, board and train may be the answer for you.

Your dog will live in a home environment for an average of 2 weeks, where training occurs throughout the day. Training can include housetraining, crate training, obedience (sit, down, stay, heel, come, leave-it, give, etc.), house manners (no jumping on counters, furniture or guests), problem behavior, and “out in the world” behavior. It’s not all training and hard work, however. Each day your dog will also have some free time, playing with other dogs, swimming in our nearby lake, or taking long walks.

At the end of your dog’s training you will come for 90 minutes to train with your new and improved best friend. Space is very limited. Call early to reserve a spot. All dogs are required to have current vaccinations including Bordetella. Dogs must come two weeks prior to boarding for a pre-boarding interview.

Contact me if you’re interest.

Board and Train work is guaranteed.

Once we’ve trained your dog, you have our unconditional support for the life of the dog. If troubles arise after boarding, we are always available. Most concerns can be solved with a phone consult, but if you need more help, we can have a private consultation. You may also attend advanced group training classes free of charge.