Shell Shocked Border Collie

Four years ago, I adopted a young border collie who had had a rough start in life. She was truly shell-shocked and afraid of everyone and everything. Through group classes and private sessions with Lauren, Rylee is now a very confident, self-assured, happy dog who has an incredible zest for life. Lauren has the ability to understand each dog as an individual and zero in on what training techniques would best serve the dog and his/her person. She deeply loves and respects dogs and this brings a refreshing approach to her training. Additionally, she understands that dog training is really more about human/dog bonding and communication and works to help people understand what it is like to live life as a dog. All of these traits make her an exceptional dog trainer.

I am deeply grateful Rylee and I got to work with her as she was truly instrumental in helping me give Rylee the chance to enjoy her life and learn to trust.”

~ Deb

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